Using Pinterest for Homeschooling

You may be guilty of it, and most importantly, almost everyone is guilty of it.

What is it you may be guilty of? Scrolling through Pinterest for hours.

You may look up recipes, everything you’re interested in or fun ideas for the kids. The thing is, it’s not just a social media platform, but also a search engine. This search engine can be used in a powerful way to aide in homeschooling.

Here are just a few ways it can be used:

  1. Create new boards for themes or units. Then, whenever you find something browsing Pinterest, blogs or just through Google, you can Pin it to that board to go back when you are about to start that theme or unit.

  2. Use the Pinterest Search Engine. Do what you may already do, but streamline it by searching for things you may need help with. Not sure what crafts to go along with your curriculum on Consumer Math? Search “consumer math crafts” and you’ll get hundreds of ideas that others have tried and tested for you. You can use this in any way, even for things like “homeschool organization.”

  3. Who you follow will show up on your overall feed. So be careful. Not every Pinterest account you follow will be ONLY what they pinned that caught your interest. To combat that, follow specific boards.

  4. Create a board for each child. As you know, each child learns differently and is at a different level of education. Why not use a Pinterest board to pin things you know one child would like versus all of them?

  5. Join group boards with other homeschoolers! Usually the collaborative efforts of all will show some pretty great content.

  6. Showcase your students’ amazing work! Why not use it the other way around and show everyone what you’re doing? You may be able to inspire others, but it also doubles as a tracker as well.

Extra general Pinterest tips:

  • If you don’t want a board to be public, you can make it “Secret” so that you can only see it (or whomever you would like to add).

  • You can easily pin the same pin to multiple boards, move pins from one board to the next or even delete pins if they don’t work.

  • If you try something out from Pinterest, you can go to the pin and click the checkmark. This allows you to write your own notes on the particular post, such as “Will do it again,” “Made these changes,” or even “This didn’t work.” You can go back and look at those anytime.

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