Facebook Party Winners!!

Ok! Here is our exhaustive list of winners from our FB party!

Congratulations to all!

If your name is on this list and you have not received an email from either me or one of our great vendors, please let me know right away by emailing me at Info@HandsofaChild.com  



A. Carrington
Amber Flinn
Amy Santen
Amy Whitehurst
April Munson
Charissa Deuser
Cherie B
Chrissy Walser
Christina Hermann
Cindy Robbins
Cyndi N
Cynthia (last name unknown)
Dawn Doll
Denise King
Dianne Osmun
Gayle Lifsey
Heather Schuitt
Jalynn Patterson
Jamie Spears
Jessica Miller
John Wieger
Julie Brown
Julie Catanzaro
Katherine White
Kathy Balman
Katy Nelson
Kim Branch
Krista Wine
Lisa Grover
Lisa Huettl
Lori Keck
Lynne Wheaton
Martin M
Meg Grooms
Michelle Schmidt
Nancy (last name unknown)
Rebecca Weede
Robin Hovius
Robin Moore
Sarah Brezina
Shirley (last name unknown)
Teresa Gonzalez
Terri (last name unknown)
Therese Allan
Tonya Nuttall
Topaz Jewel
Victoria Goerg
Wendi Huffman

Thank You All

We just want to thank you all again for making our 10 year birthday celebration such a success! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we have and we look forward to serving you for another 10 years and beyond!

All of our contests are now closed and winners will be notified within a week. 


We wish all of you and your children many years of Happy Hands-on Learning!


~Kimm, Niki, & Katie

Super Membership Contest


Super Membership 6 Months

10 People will each win a 6-month Super Membership at In the Hands of a Child!


What is a Super Member?

A Super Member at In the Hands of a Child is someone who has purchased a subscription to our Super Member Area where free Lapbook units are available for download each month. Super Members receive:

  1. Two (one multilevel and one early elementary) free Lapbook units a month that are downloadable* right from the Super Members Area. These Lapbook units are released on the 15th of each month (or the next business day) and remain on the site for two months before being released to the public for sale. Each Lapbook unit includes a Planning Guide, Hands-On Activities, Research Guide, and Answer Key (where applicable) and is brand new. All Lapbook units available for Super Members are written from a neutral/objective standpoint and can be used by those teaching from a secular world view and those teaching from a religious world view.


*Please ensure that you download and save all Super Member Lapbook units to your computer or other file saving device- once they are removed from the Super Members Area, they are no longer available to Super Members.

1. 15% discount off all eBook Lapbook units (15% discount exclude custom ordered units and sales and promotions). Please email memberships@handsofachild.com to receive your Super Member Savings code.

2. A free Birthday Lapbook unit is emailed to Super Members about 2 weeks before their birthdays. This is a special Lapbook unit all about birthdays!  To be entered in the Birthday Club, simply email memberships@handsofachild.com with your Order # and birth date.
3. $10.00 off the price of any custom ordered unit.  For coupon code and estimated completion dates of custom orders, please contact memberships@handsofachild.com.

StartWrite Contest



One winner will receive a full version download of StartWrite – value $49.95


Startwrite is the easiest way to create customize handwriting practice sheets for your student. Startwrite has always made teaching easier, with personalized worksheets that engage children in the learning process. Nobody likes busy work. So Startwrite 6 is even more fun to use, with new learning tools, more powerful design options, Spanish language capability, and an endless supply of new resources.


Startwrite 6 includes lots of features designed to help each child practice strokes and shapes –the building blocks of handwriting. Plus, it’s bilingual!

SchoolHouseTeachers Contest


Schoolhouse Teachers is offering a 1-year membership to one winner for their online classroom, where Kimm Bellotto is the Lapbooking Teacher. With over 25 different “school” subjects presented via teaching videos, ongoing lesson plans, worksheets, lapbooks & unit studies, writing prompts and other assignments to choose from, students can additionally interact personally with the teachers by asking them questions and gaining feedback. – $64.26 value.

MathWizG5 Contest

MathWizG5 from Sprima Inc

10 winners will each receive the MathWizG5 (grade 5) app – value $1.99 each


The app MathWizG5 is designed to use brain and find solutions to complex math applications for 5th graders. The application generates sophisticated word problems to test kid’s math solving ability. Less importance is given to find how fast one can solve the problem; rather it tests the application of math for 5th graders and above. If you consider yourself a MathWiz, try this game and see if you still consider yourself a MathWiz.

The application has Practice questions, timed test questions and play modules. i.e. Kids can practice their skills, test themselves in a time bound way or play until the game is over. Play to find it out.

MathWizG5 will keep everyone excited and have fun. Can your kid be a “A” grade MathWiz while playing in iPhone ? Absolutely…


Check out our other apps that greatly help to improve Math & Science skills!

Memoria Press Contest



One winner will receive a Memoria Press 2012 Classical Education Conference DVD – value $60


Classical Christian Education for all Ages! Classical education teaches students how to think, not what to think, shaping the mind for a lifetime of learning and enlightenment. Memoria Press, home of the Classical Core Curriculum, strives to cultivate wisdom and virtue through the liberal arts, great books, and celebrated thinkers of the Western tradition. Learn more at 1-877-862-1097 orwww.MemoriaPress.com.

The Mystery of History Contest

The Mystery of History


One winner will receive The Mystery of History Volume I (Second Edition) Audio Book with Musical Background (MP3 Dowlnload) by Linda Lacour Hobar  – value $40


Bring The Mystery of History Volume I Second Edition to life! Through downloadable MP3 files, you can listen to the professionally recorded stories through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. With accompanying text in hand, you can read right along with the author as she breathes life into the stories. Without the text, you can relax and enjoy Linda’s personable writing style. Younger Students can draw or color as they learn while Older Students can take notes for further discussion. With a background track of beautiful, inspiring music, you’ll feel you are right there with the author traveling through time. At co-op, in the car, over lunch, before bed, or as an integral part of your school day – there are endless ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history.(These audio CDs contain narrated lessons only and do not include pretests, activities, quizzes, exercises or similar items found in the textbooks.)

NOTE TO WINNER: The Mp3 files are obtained in four quarters via email. Please note that there is an expiration date to the files, so don’t delay downloading them!