Before In the Hands of a Child made its debut, homeschoolers and classroom teachers had to do all of the preparation in order to pull together a lapbook. 

That task takes a lot of time when searching for items and templates to use to make lapbooks.  Many educators do not have the time or the resources to complete this for every unit study in their curriculum.  Knowing how much our own children learned and enjoyed learning in this style, we knew we could meet a need for educators who want to put more of a hands-on spin to their curriculum but are daunted by the task.  

We take the preparation time out of the parent/teacher job description and allow educators to focus on the learning experience. Our lapbooks make it easy!


Altogether we have published over 450 Lapbooks (and now Notebooking Packs too) and we continue to release new ones on a regular basis.  In addition, we have added other products to our line, including lapbooking supplies, custom created units, membership programs, and much more.  The success of our business can be directly related to the support of the homeschooling moms, classroom teachers, and children who use our products and continue to tell others about our company and the type of curriculum we have to offer.  It is through their words, their testimonials and their efforts that we continue to grow.


What is a Lapbook?

Supplies Needed

Incorporating Lapbooks into Your Curriculum

Adapting Lapbooks

Lapbooking Tips and Tricks

Our Lapbook Products

Folding a Lapbook Base


Our Lapbook Products

If you've ever met Niki at one of the Homeschool Conventions we attend you're sure to hear her say "diamonds are over rated, options are a homeschool moms best friend"

While we believe that, we also know at first glance it can be overwhelming.

We're going to walk you through each section of our unit to help you feel at ease.

Once you're familar with these few sections you're ready to do any one (or dozen) of our 430+ units!

The major parts of our units include:

The Table of Contents

The Planning Guide

Core Concepts

The Research Guide 

Reproducible Graphics


Table of Contents

Each unit starts with a Table of Contents and is followed by a Planning Guide.

The Planning Guide

The planning guide takes all the prep work out of our units. It tells you how many days to plan your study, which vocabulary words to do each day, which sections of the Research Guide to read, as well as which activities to complete.


Core Concepts

Next, you will find a list of core concepts to be covered during the study, each of the concepts is represented by a graphic organizer or template.

Each graphic organizer or template helps students take bite-sized pieces of information learned in the Research Guide and complete a hands-on activity to help retain that information.

If you implement graded assignments in your curriculum the list of concepts will be essential for you, the parent/teacher, to know what to test the student on.


Under each concept you will find the folding instructions for each of the graphic organizers or templates. Each one has a corresponding activity number to make following along easy.

These instructions are written at the child's level so be assured you won't be frustrated as you help them try to fold their graphics.


The Research Guide

The Research Guide contains all of the lessons needed to complete the activities laid out in a chapter-like format. (This means no trips to the library or getting online for "missing" information) This format helps to build students' listening, reading, and comprehension skills.


Included in the Research Guide is a Bibliography, which also makes a great resource for finding information for any rabbit trails you may choose to follow during your study.

Related books and websites are included in the Research Guide. This list makes a great starting point for further study or as a way to bring the grade level up for older students and require some additional reading and research on their own.

 Reproducible Graphics 

Reproducible graphics for the graphic organizers and templates follow. You may want to make a copy of each graphic for each student completing the unit. An instruction sheet for folding file folders and photos of sample lapbooks are included in the back section of each Project Pack. If you and your students are visual learners you will find the folder instructions and sample photos quite helpful.



Answer Key

Most of our units conclude with an Answer Keyt o help make grading projects a breeze!

Stand-Alone or Supplement

Project Packs from In the Hands of a Child make great stand-alone unit studies or can easily be added as a supplement to an existing curriculum. When using as a stand-alone product we recommend completing 2 - 3 activities per session (30 - 45 minutes). Most of our studies take about 2 weeks to complete.

Start out by reading through 2 - 3 sections of the Research Guide and then complete the corresponding hands-on activities.


The hands-on activities correlate to each section in the Research Guide, following the same outline as the core concept page.



 Folding a Lapbook File Folder Base 



Lapbook Layouts


Your student's completed Project Pack does not have to look like the photo featured at the end of the Pack. The photo is simply a reference to help you understand the folds and the process of putting the file folder together.


If you run out of room or things do not fit, add another file folder or an extension!


Allow children to take an active role in designing the layout of their project so that it becomes personal for them. The personalizing of their projects aids in the reinforcement of the study.


Your students may choose to attach the various activities to their folders as each one is completed or they may choose to wait until all activities are completed and then attach them to the file folder.


If you choose to do the latter, simply store the activities in a zip-top bag, expandable file, or folder until you are ready to assemble them in a file folder.


Should you have any questions as you go about your study please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you bring laughter and learning together in the Hands of Your Child!!