4 Fun Ways to Incorporate More Activities with Your Curriculum

It’s vital that you incorporate something hands-on or outside of a textbook within your curriculum. Whether that be something as simple as going to the grocery store to have your student add the total amount and other activities or putting together a grand experiment, you want it to be a mix of fun and educational. Below we’ve listed 4 fun games and activities that you can incorporate with our curriculum to help you take education to the next level. Have any other fun ideas? Let us know on our Facebook page!

 1. Let’s Take a Trip!

The Plan: Did you know that in our geography section there are numerous states, countries and destination locations that can be learned about? Let your student choose from any one of them themselves or choose a location that may not be on the list. Then, when the curriculum is completed, take a trip! No, we’re not telling you to pack your bags and take a road trip (unless you want to!), but to have your student plan out a trip virtually.

The Details: Pick a location and a specific amount of time you’d be going on the trip for. Have your student map out the time it takes to get there (flying or driving), what cities or activities to go to and the amount of time it takes to do these activities. This allows them to utilize geography in a way that is very realistic. For example, if you pick the state of California, you won’t necessarily want to climb the mountains of Big Sur and walk across the San Francisco Bay Bridge on the same day.


2. The Stock Market

The Plan: The stock market is such a complicated system and always changing! Use the Stock Market curriculum to teach your 9th to 12th grade students all about what it means to go public as a corporation or what it means to have stock in something.

The Details: Give your student a certain amount of funny money they can invest. Allow them to research and decide where they’re giving their money, how much and what they hope to see come back or multiply. Have them track these changes over the time you give them.


3. Bringing Stories to Life!

The Plan: Pick a book, short story or poetry to read. Along with all of the normal activities and curriculum with that literature – have your student re-tell the story in an inventive way!

The Details: Utilizing items and crafts around the house,  have your student re-tell their favorite part of the literature. This may be in the form of:

  • Drawings

  • Lego block building

  • Furniture, toys and stuffed animals

  • A poster board, glue and tons of magazines…

Whatever medium chosen, let it be their decision. Watch them as they bring the story from words to life.


4. It’s Science.

The Plan: Some of our curriculum is a Project Pack, which include quite a few hands-on activities. One of the most fun project packs is Kitchen Science. This project pack takes what’s in your kitchen and teaches how there are similarities between a kitchen lab and a science lab.

The Details: Within the project pack for Kitchen Science is a fun extension activity, along with the 15 other hands-on activities. Finish it, grab a photo and share it on our Facebook page or tag us on our Instagram.

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