May Day, Mother’s Day & Other Celebrations!

May is a fun month. As the weather warms, we can start incorporate more outdoor curriculum and activities, as well as just spend the day outside. Here are a few of our favorite holidays to celebrate in the month of May!

May 1 – May Day

May Day Curriculum

May Day is a celebration of the beginning of spring, fertility, political protests, organized labor, and it is also a saint’s feast day. It is celebrated in many countries and historians date May Day festivals back to ancient spring festivals. With this unit study you will be able to teach your elementary to middle school classroom about the history of May Day.

Celebrate the holiday with a few different activities to pair with the curriculum!


May 4 – Space Day and Star Wars Day

Space Exploration Curriculum

May the Fourth be with you! Celebrate Space Day and the popular Star Wars trilogies with Space Exploration! Throughout history people have wanted to know more about the world beyond their neighborhood, including the sky above them. Thanks to space exploration, we are able to explore beyond our planet! With this Space Exploration Curriculum from In the Hands of a Child, your student will learn the exploration timeline, exploration tools, exploration vehicles, early space stations, astronauts, space centers, moon landings, and future space exploration.

Here’s a fun (and slimey) activity to pair!


May 13 – Mother’s Day

Famous Mommies Curriculum

There are millions of different kinds of mothers in the world and some have become famous. With this unit study you will be able to teach your K-3rd  grade classroom about Famous Mommies throughout world history. Students will be introduced to Mary (mother of Jesus), Abigail Adams, Marie Curie, Queen Elizabeth II, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Michelle Obama, as well as famous make-believe mommies. Have someone you would like your student to learn about? Have them research and put together their own mini-study.

Have your student make a bouquet to coordinate with the special occasion!


May 20 – Be a Millionaire Day

Consumer Math Curriculum

Every day consumers face a variety of financial situations and it is good for everyone to have the skills to handle them. Teach your students about income, deductions, banking, shopping, eating out, investing money, borrowing money, credit, common household expenses, taxes, budgeting, and money management. For those not quite ready for this curriculum, we recommend the Teach Me About Money Curriculum!

Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and have your students try their luck and test their knowledge!


May 28 – Memorial Day

The United States Air Force Curriculum & The United States Navy Curriculum

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Learn about two branches of the military and the men and women who fought for our country, served for our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Here’s a list of books and activities to pair with the curriculum!


Have another holiday you like to celebrate in May? Share in the comments or on our Facebook page. We’d be happy tie curriculum and activities to it!

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