Planning Your Spring: Curriculum & Celebrations

March and April are full of exciting holidays and the changing of seasons. Below we’ve listed the top 6 days to celebrate with lapbooks! What holiday are you looking forward to as we transition to Spring?

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Curriculum

Students will be introduced to St. Patrick, how the holiday started, symbols and traditions of the holiday, a brief description of Ireland, and more!


March 20: First Day of Spring

The Four Seasons Curriculum

A season is a period within a year that has a certain type of weather and characteristics. Introduce your students to the four seasons including the causes of seasons and each season’s characteristics, weather and more.


March 22: Randolph Caldecott’s Birthday

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears Curriculum

This Caldecott Medal-award winning book tells about a series of events that lead to a theory of why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears. This hands-on pack includes a 5-day Planning Guide, Related Reading, 15 Hands-On Activities,  and a 7-page Research Guide with story summary, page-by-page discussion ideas, and introductions to mosquitoes, West Africa, and Folktales.


April 1: Easter

Easter Curriculum

Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year. On this day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Students will be introduced to the Story of Easter (including an Easter timeline), celebrating Easter, common symbols of Easter and more!


April 7: World Health Day

Germs Curriculum

Germs are everywhere. Can you find a germ? Probably not, because they are so small we cannot see them. You can, however, see clues that germs are around.


April 27: Arbor Day

The World of Trees Curriculum

A tree is a large woody plant with a single trunk (sometimes a group of trunks) that supports a leafy crown of branches. Like all other plants, trees need water, soil and sunlight to grow. This unit includes a 6-day Planning Guide, Related Reading List, 12 Hands-On Activities PLUS 3 Fun Extension Activities, and a 7-page Research Guide to help students complete a project about the types of trees, parts of a tree, types of leaves, tree life cycle, importance of trees, and conservation.

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