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Personalizing Lapbooks

Lapbooks are not just a great hands-on tool for learning, they are also creative outlets for students.  A lapbook is a great way for students to showcase what they have
learned as well as their creativity and individuality.  No two lapbooks are ever alike; whether students design the lapbook themselves or use a ready-to-assemble pack.

 Personalizing a lapbook doesn’t mean writing your name on it!  Personalizing a lapbook means creating a one-of-a-kind portfolio that is as unique as the child who created it!  Encourage your students to express their own personal style and creativity with each lapbook he or she creates.  Here are some ways you can encourage your students to make their own lapbooks unique:

  • Provide multi-colored file folders for students to choose from.
  • Allow students who enjoy coloring to print the graphics and templates on white paper and then color in the pictures.
  • Allow students who do not enjoy coloring to print the graphics and templates on colorful paper.
  • Allow students who are reluctant writers to type their answers on the graphic or template before printing.
  • Provide stickers, printed papers, scrapbook embellishments, and other fun materials for each student to personalize and embellish.
  • Encourage students who enjoy creative writing to write a short story or poem about the topic they are studying.
  • Encourage students who enjoy drawing to draw a picture of something they learned or something related to the topic.
  • Encourage curious students to conduct a survey or experiment and record their data in their lapbook.
  • Encourage musically talented students to write a song or jingle relating to the topic and include it in their lapbook.
  • Preserve memories of making lapbooks by taking pictures of the process and including them in the lapbook.

If lapbooking with multiple students, hold a contest to see who can create a lapbook with the most color, most creative story, neatest handwriting, most detailed pictures, most detailed information, etc.

 Give your students ownership of the lapbooks they create!  No two students are alike so why should their lapbooks be the same?  Encourage them to complete lapbook that is as unique as the person who created it!  Encourage your students to personalize their lapbooks!

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